Mosin-Nagant rifles

Mosin-Nagant series is one of Russia’s most popular rifles besides AK series. The rifle was named after Captain Sergei Ivanovich Mosin and its production began in Imperial Russia in 1891. It was developed after the Russian-Turkish war when Russian commanders faced the Turkish army’s Winchester repeating rifles and realised that the their single shot rifles has become obsolete. Mosin-Nagant is an internal magazine, bolt action rifle, it has a muzzle velocity of over 810 meters per second, it weighs 4.3 kilograms and it fires 7.62mm rounds. It is effective in distances up to 500 meters without the optics mounted. Later models that had optics increased the effectiveness to distances over 800 meters. There were many modifications since the first model and it is still used for hunting and even in some military actions in some parts of the world.
It was used for the first time in the Russo-Japanese war where it showed great reliability, but some issues were noticed concerning complicated mechanisms and longer disassembling time. Those issues were the main focus of improvement in the later models. Newer versions of the rifle were used in Russian Revolution including a sawed off version that was one hand rifle. During the First World War the most used version because of it’s simplicity was the “Dragoon” which was shorter than the original model and designed originally for the cavalry soldiers. During the World War Two the most popular model of the rifle among Russian soldiers was the M1891/30 that was developed in 1930. It had some modifications on the magazine and firing mechanism, so the rifle jamming was greatly reduced and the firing mechanism was improved. In later years of the WW2 two other models were produced, they were Mosin-Nagant 1938 Carbine and 1944 Carbine. Equipped with optics it is a very precise and deadly weapon, that became well known as it was the weapon Vasily Zaytsev used in killing 225 German soldiers. After the war it was used in Soviet influenced countries during the cold war and after.
Today they are respected among weapon collectors because of it’s history and reliability, it is used for hunting and target shooting around the world.