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best Air fryer reviewsMost of the android phone users believe that their devices are absolutely safe against virus. This because of the sandbox security scheme the app follows. But this definitely doesn’t mean that your device is completely safe. Even though it is safe against virus, it can easily get affected by the Trojans, malware, spyware and other fake apps. Due to this reasons, having a good android antivirus installed in your device becomes necessary.
What to consider when choosing it?
Now, before you pick up any such antivirus app for your android device, here are some of the things you need to consider. The first is the anti-malware capability of the app. You must make sure the app you select is capable of detecting and deleting malicious apps and scripts. If this isn’t present, there is no use of such antivirus. Most of the android antivirus tools come with privacy tools. These tools lists all the apps you have installed in the device and categorize the risks according to permissions needed. While selecting any antivirus for your device, make sure it is capable of privacy tackling. Apart from these, most of the antivirus apps offer additional functions and tools for protection. So, if you are looking for some extra safety for your device, make sure the android antivirus you choose, includes it.

What are the best antivirus apps to choose?
Here are some of the best antivirus apps you can install in your android device. Whether you are looking for protection of your phone from Trojan or theft, these apps are just right for you. AVL antivirus is of the options you have. It has even won the best protection award for its excellent performance. Not only is it really secure, but also less likely to affect your device battery or performance. Talking about antivirus, CM security is another popular one you can try. In fact, it offers the best malware protection. Mobile security and antivirus is another popular antivirus app you can go for. In includes more features than the basic virus scan. However, if you want a peaceful sleep at night without worrying, this is the app to choose. Norton is another popular free antivirus app available for android users. It is amazing as it removes malwares and virus before they can reach your device.
With that being said, it is extremely necessary to install android antivirus to protect your device from all kinds of threat. To get the best protection it is also necessary that you download the antivirus app from a secured site, possibly from your device, directly.